The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just ended where 175,000+ people flooded Vegas to party and show off their companies’ latest gadgets. Everyone not named Apple was there, and companies like LG, Samsung, and Sony proved that we’ve reached a point where we can put the internet in damn near ANYTHING. Here are the top 5 things that I think someone just picked up and decided to see if they could add the internet to them.

1. Robotic Bartender

Image of the Somabar
          via Somabar
You simply load the Somabar up with all your favorite spirits and mixers and tell it what drink to make from a mobile app. It can make over 300 cocktails in under 5 seconds and it’s self-cleaning. These guys need a Noble Peace Prize.
Price: $429

2. Samsung Smart Fridge

Image of the Family Hub Refrigerator mobile app
          via Consumerist
Take a giant 6-foot computer and add an ice maker and you have the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. This icebox from the Jetsons takes selfies, plays music, and even lets you peek inside the refrigerator while you’re at the grocery store. And if you don’t feel like going to the grocery store (me), you can even order your groceries from the refrigerator and have them delivered to you.
Price: Rumored $4999.99

3. Smart Toilet

Image of Neorest 750h smart toilet by Toto
          via Tech Insider
The over-the-top Japanese Neorest 750h does everything under the moon including wiping your butt. Well sort of, it’s equipped with a seat warmer, remote control, and a bum water blaster that eliminates the need to ever having to buy toilet paper again. It also cleans itself, has a night light, and built-in deodorizer for those Chipotle nights. You basically sit down, handle your business and walk away because the lid opens and closes on its own too.
Price: $9,900.00

4. Wilson Smart Football

Image of the Wilson X Connected Football
          Dan Graziano / CNET
Following the release of last year’s smart basketball, the Wilson X Connected Football tracks the speed, distance, and spiral of your throws that can all be viewed in a mobile app. The ball can even track whether or not a ball thrown is caught or dropped by the receiver using sensors.
Price: Rumored $200.00

5. Smart Shower Head

Image of the Hydrao Smart Shower Head
The Hydrao helps you get your long shower habit under control. The shower head can fit any shower and lights up blue, red, or green depending how much water you are using. The measured gallons can then be tracked in a mobile app that finally helps you accurately split the water bill with your roommates.
Price: $99.99

Which new gadget are you most excited about? — I’m going with the toilet!