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I promised I haven’t succumbed to the hype, the stars have aligned and this year I switched to the iPhone 6S Plus. Just hear me out; I’ve been an Android user my whole life and despite practically building my career on developing Android apps, I’m officially #teamiphone. I’m not saying you should jump ship too, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but I’m really saying you should.

1. Bloatware

The sheer amount of stock apps that came on my Samsung phone was simply ridiculous. No, I don’t want to use S Note, Samsung Hub, Knox, or Polaris Office 5. How about you let me decide how I want to use my phone’s limited space for apps. Seriously who has actually checked their Google+ account? I totally get it, cell carriers strike deals with manufacturers that require them pre-install apps to the phone in exchange for huge dividends. But to make them un-installable, is outrageous.

2. Updates

Back when I had the Samsung Note 3, waiting on updates months after Google released them was the norm. I mean, you couldn’t really expect carriers to just give you the new Android version without adding their new bloatware and changing Google’s whole style could you? Android phone updates are controlled by your provider, so you’ve got millions of phones running all 10 different versions of Android, whereas iPhone updates hit their devices with much more consistency. Apple reports that over 76% of its users are running the latest version of iOS 9, whereas only 0.7% of Android users are running Marshmallow.

3. Facetime

Sure you can video chat with Skype and Google Hangouts on Android phones, but Apple’s FaceTime just works. You don’t have to download any extra apps or anything, it’s smooth video calling is already integrated using your iTunes account.

4. Apple Music

As a huge fan of trap music, it was frustrating when artists released albums as iTunes exclusives; meaning you couldn’t listen to the album unless you had an iTunes account, which is not supported on Android. Seriously, nobody out here is lit over Google Play Music exclusives. And when they hit me with a 3-month free trial, I was #sold.

5. Early Apps

As an early adopter, I always want the latest apps. Most of the time, the most innovative companies are dropping the iPhone versions of their apps well before they develop for Android. Having far less models than all the Android phones on the market keeps testing at a lower cost. There are even studies that show that iPhone users spend more money on apps. So economically speaking, building for iPhone first makes sense, but it often makes developing for Android an afterthought. iPhone users had been using Instagram for over 7 months before it was released on Android. So yeah, I don’t have time for that. I’ve given up on the fight, i’m #TeamiPhone.

Are you #TeamAndroid or #TeamiPhone?